Since I’m currently in an awkward position to join the Weight Watchers program, I thought writing down long-term (and half-forgotten) experiences, tips and tricks would be fine. When I write down things, they burn into my brain a lot better and they have to, because I so much like to forget what’s good for me … do you know? Well then get to the bacon (in the truest …)!

My first tip is tidying up

… and I do not just mean the kitchen. It will come much later. First, you have to sweep yourself through properly. The more positive your attitude is, the easier it will be for you to stay on the ball in difficult times. And you can only be positive if you have created a suitable background.

First and foremost, having a partner and family leads to a clarifying conversation . I am fortunate to have a man whom I can call my friend in good conscience. He supports me in every way to stay on schedule, I know that is not the case with everyone. But if love is involved, then it should be possible to convince the partner of their own wishes.

It is also important that you put yourself first from the beginning , because right now you need all your attention. If you can not handle it, it will be difficult! It’s much easier to deviate from your own goals if you classify them as “not as important as …”.

Are you with you and your loved ones in the clean, then arrange your environment, For example, I have spent the last few days finally banishing all Christmas remains. There was a bar of chocolate left over for stirring my daddy’s peanut cream. I did not eat it, but gave it to my sweetheart. Let him eat, his hips are bony! And then there was of course leftover peanut cream that did not fit in Daddy’s glass (man, that was so delicious!) – also found a new home in the closet of a good friend who can afford to eat them. From New Year’s Eve breakfast is still cheese left. Right now, I can live quite well without him, but if he is not everybody soon, he’ll go to the bin! You see what I want to get out of …

Then the new order follows

Once you’ve banished the bad stuff from your vicious circle, buy yourself a beautiful fruit bowl . This was my first purchase last February. Since then she is always full. The most important thing for me are bananas and apples, preferably Pink Lady, they are sweet-and-sour and do not become so floury. Pomelo is also a wonderful fruit. To eat them, you have to spend a lot of time, that arranges the thoughts, increases the anticipation and distracts from nibbling. It also tastes delicious and regulates your water balance within a few hours. Not insignificant for us girls when the hormones strike. My blogmate Torenia has dedicated a whole post to the pomelo, take a look, Otherwise try Sharon fruits, I like them very much, because they are not very sweet and their consistency is just great. Of grapes, I often get stomach aches, which is why I avoid them, but whoever tolerates them, they should have in the house, when again comes the little chocolate craze. Nothing helps better than a bowl of sweet grapes!

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but for me a savior in distress, especially at the beginning of my Weight Watchers career is the famous ww points guide . I ate it in all variations, hot, cold, with fruit, with chocolate sprinkles, with vanilla sugar … Magical semolina ! He is just brilliant against binging attacks, because he leaves a slightly supersaturated feeling. I was always a little bit sick after magic gritty, but I enjoyed it. You may find that disgusting, but those who know Binging will understand me. Later, if you have the program and you better in hand, then you do not automatically do that anymore (promised, I know), but until that happens, take magic spice for 3-5 points instead of chocolate or pizza for 20.